Example of Halfway House Rules


Published: 07/23/2009

by Sober Team

1. No use of Alcohol, Drugs or any mood altering substances. This includes supplements and steroids. All prescriptions must be disclosed upon admittance. Some halfway houses do not allow the use of methadone or suboxone. 2. Gambling is not permitted. 3. Profane or indecent language is not permitted. 4. Pets or any type of animal are prohibited. 5. Smoking is permitted in the outside areas and patio. Never smoke and/or use any tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco or dip) in the house No open flames in the apartments at any time. (No candles and/or Incense). 6. No Physical Confrontation or Acting out - No Yelling - No Verbal or Physical Threats. 7. Only the staff and residents are allowed on the premises. Any members of the opposite sex in the house for any reason, at any time, will result in the immediate termination of your lease. 8. All activities should be quieted by midnight in respect for other residents. Hours should be reasonable and conducive for recovery. 9. All residents are encouraged to work a diligent program of recovery. - Follow all aftercare recommendations made by your Therapist and/or Rehabilitation Center. 10. Each resident is responsible for their own personal cleanliness and laundry, as well as the general cleanliness of the house. 11. All residents should be employed on a full-time basis. 12. All residents should attend the weekly community meetings: